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More than one in five people in the UK have a disability. We can help you include them.

What We Do


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Building accessible products is what we do. Our team's passion and experience can help you:

  • Run workshops and projects which focus on accessibility
  • Keep your users involved throughout your design process
  • Develop software which leverages accessibility technology
  • Audit your existing website / mobile app for accessibility (WCAG 2.1)
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Build things right.

Modern engineering practice keeps things running smoothly:

  • Agile methodology keeps you informed and in control throughout the project
  • Separate testing environments let you try out new features before they're released
  • Automation keeps builds and deployments quick and reliable


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Design things with people, not for them.

Our co-design process helps you:

  • Involve your users in design from the beginning of the project
  • Create usable prototypes and improve them based on expert feedback
  • Ensure your design workshops are inclusive and accessible


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Take good ideas further.

To help you get your idea off the ground, we can:

  • Facilitate workshops to help you build a business model around your project
  • Help with getting funding for your idea (grant applications, seeking investment)
  • Give advice on technical strategy for small companies
Sound interesting?

Who We Are

Photo of Ashley

Ashley Peacock

is a Software developer and designer with a Masters in Informatics from The University of Edinburgh. She has a strong interest in rehabilitative and assistive technologies and has several years of experience in creating apps and technology for people with cognitive differences and impairments.

In her career, Ashley has developed a 3D Autism simulator tool with a goal of increasing understanding of Autism for herself and others and can be viewed here, spent two years working in the Dementia Research Institute at University College London, creating an Android app which facilitates reading in an extremely rare form of Dementia known as Posterior Cortical Atrophy, and is currently working on two stroke therapy rehabilitation apps, iReadMore, an assistive word-reading therapy app, and Readright which looks to improve reading speeds for patients with hemianopic alexia.

Photo of Chris

Chris Wait

An engineer with a strong focus on user-experience, web and mobile development, and software development process. Chris has led engineering teams, worked on UX in public transport for people with visual impairments and hospital information systems, and built software for the US Department of Agriculture.

Chris holds a Masters degree in Informatics from the University of Edinburgh, and has been a software developer for about 10 years now. When he’s not busy typing, he’s usually playing guitar or climbing.

Photo of Tara

Tara Wudhiphan

A recent graduate from the University of Edinburgh, with a BSc in Cognitive Science. Tara is a waitress turned software developer with a background in accessibility, game-based learning, language impairment and HCI.

As a part of her dissertation, she created a tablet-based prototype app for autistic children, designed to help users with their comprehension of complex syntactical structures.

Photo of Blair

Blair Harper

A software developer in his spare time for over 15 years with a broad range of interests, including machine learning and automation; some recent favourite projects include identifying signs of pneumonia in lung X-Rays and training reinforcement learning algorithms to play flash games such as DinoRun.

Blair’s full-time career for the last 10 years has been in Civil Service, working in Westminster on developing government policy and legislation including EU policy at the Cabinet Office, Customs & Tax at HMRC, and Broadband and Cyber Security at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport.

He enjoys learning languages (Mandarin for the last 3 years), travelling, gaming, and hiking.

Photo of Imogen

Imogen Foulkes

Holding a degree in product design from Glasgow School of Art, Imogen spent the beginning of her career as a freelancer. She used her knowledge of an adaptable design process to work on projects that involved service, product and user experience design.

More recently she has specialised in design that will ultimately aid disabled or impaired peoples’ day to day lives. She has always enjoyed working on purposeful and challenging projects ranging from transport to experiential eating.

You can email us at:

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