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Thistle Assistance Card

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The South East of Scotland Transport Partnership has developed the Thistle Assistance Programme to make using public transport easier for older people and those with disabilities or illness.


People with disability need to communicate an array of needs when on public transport. Depending on the disability it can be difficult to communicate these needs to staff and feel confident and safe when taking public transport. 


Pen / paper version of the card is not the most accessible approach to everyone (easy to lose and difficult to customise for people with visual impairments). There are multiple means to apply for the card with each website having their own levels of accessibility. As an accessibility company our goal is to support the design, accessibility and ease of access.


An app version of the card means everyone can have access to this service with a simple download. The Thistle Assistance Card and App provides a useful means of displaying the right information for the passenger, with symbols indicating the type of disability and a short message indicating the help required that could be read at a glance by bus drivers, train and tram conductors and other staff.

Project Homepage: Thistle Assistance

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