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iReadMore is a new reading therapy android app for improving single-word reading accuracy and speed. It is for people with alexia or aphasia due to a stroke, brain injury or dementia. It computer-based reading therapy using written and spoken words and pictures, and aims to improve word-reading speed and accuracy and to supplement limited Speech and Language Therapy provided by the NHS. IReadmore is a C.E Marked medical device.


Stroke suffers typically require over 100 hours of therapy Speech and language therapy to see any marked improvement, however only 12 hours are currently offered on the NHS. Private speech and language therapy is expensive with prices ranging from £50+ per hour.


Make therapy more accessible to patients who may not have the income to afford private therapy. An application gives creates the opportunity to reach a wider audience and make therapy more accessible if it can be completed in the comfort of your own home. Finally, a digital therapy has the opportunity to learn and be tailored to individual therapies.


Teaming up with a University, we were able to capitalise on previous research in order to build IReadMore, a reading therapy app that has previously shown success in research trials.

  • The App uses repetitive pairings of written words, spoken words, and pictures to rebuild associations between diffferent neural representations
  • Patients with central alexia who used iReadMore averaged an 8.7% improvement in word recognition after two months

Developed for the Aphasia Lab at the University College London Institute of Neurology.

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