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Autistic Space Kit

Display of the app screen which is red to indicate the user is in a meltdown. The screen also contains instructions that can be shown to members of the public.
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What is Autistic Space Kit 2?

Autistic Space Kit 2 is a co-designed tool for autistic people. It is a tool that provides quick-access support to people during periods of stress of if they are experiencing a meltdown. It was funded by Dinah Murray. One of the great parts of this tool is it would not only be useful for Autistic people, but any disabled person who might have anxiety whilst out and away from home, especially during times of COVID-19.


During times of stress or highly stimulating environments, autistic people experience what can be known as a meltdown or sensory overload (if you’d like a more visual representation of this you can view it here). Once in a meltdown state it can be extremely difficult for an individual to communicate or engage in the world around them and therefore ask for the correct support. Each person is different, some individuals might want a quiet space to recover, some people might prefer soothing activities.

This can make trips, being out and about stressful – you never know when a meltdown might occur and often members of the public can struggle to understand what’s going on. We would like to create an application to enhance confidence of users when out and about and to know they can get easily support when they need.

How can a user get the right level of support, when and how they need?



Passio followed a user-mapping activity. This involved autistic people selecting and prioritising features of the application to be built at each stage. Passio’s job, is just to communicate which features are possible within the budget so that users can make decisions themselves as to which should be included in the build.


User able to quick open the app which displays a message which can then be shown to members of the public explaining the situation.

Screen showing a message when the user feeling stressed. The message is customisable.

This will update as the user starts to feel better

All screen showing a message when the user is feeling better. The message is customisable.

If needed – the user can press the text location button. This will send a location and a pre-set help message to a list of pre-set trusted contacts.

The user can additionally opt to call a pre-defined trusted contact.

Image showing user is feeling able to communicate and engage now.

Finally, customisations! Users can set the help-messages which are used via text, they can set their own list of trusted contacts and they can set the time in which the screens transition from red to green.

Image showing the list of customisations the app can handle: customisation of help-messages, setting trusted contacts, and setting screen transition times.
Image link to download android

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