About Us

Passio believes in a world designed to work for everyone. Our purpose is to build that world.

Our Purpose

We believe in a world designed to work for everyone, including disabled and neurodiverse people. Our purpose is to build that world.

We co-design websites and mobile applications with the experts: the people that use them.

An illustration of the 5 Passio team members

We are a Certified B Corporation™!

Passio is driven by the goal of making the world work for everyone. By co-designing and creating accessible technology, we can help our clients reach and solve problems for more people than ever before. The positive impact we have on the lives of disabled, neurodiverse, and disadvantaged people motivates our team on a daily basis.

Becoming a B Corp™ highlights that we put social purpose at the forefront of what we do. We are proud to showcase that we value people, transparency, and sustainability and welcome the accountability this brings.

Who We Are

Photo of Ashley Peacock

Ashley Peacock

Born into a Neurodivergent family, Ashley experienced first-hand the barriers that exclude so many from society. With a Masters degree in Informatics, she spent nearly a decade building technology such as a 3D Autism simulator, stroke therapies for rehabilitation with UCL, and assistive readers for people living with rare forms of Dementia. Through this she saw how technology could remove barriers to accessing society and level the playing field. In 2017, she founded Passio, a purpose-led organisation that keep users' voices at the heart of products through novel co-production techniques. Over the years, Ashley has been invited to speak at organisations such as the Welcome Trust, Accessibility Scotland, Global Innovation disability hub, and the Mobility Access Committee for Scotland.

Photo of Blair Harper

Blair Harper

Blair began his career in Westminster at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport. Following a 10 year Civil Service career spanning several government departments, this early exposure to the impact of problem solving and policy making as a force for good led him to join Passio. Combining his expertise with a passion for using technology to solve problems for disabled people and other disadvantaged groups, he consistently helps Passio and its stakeholders make strides towards a fairer and more sustainable future for all. He is currently studying an MBA at Edinburgh Business School. Blair lives with his partner (Alex) and puppy (Bella) on the outskirts of Edinburgh and loves foreign languages (Mandarin currently), collecting air-miles, and rainy Sundays spent reading a good book with mugs of hot coffee.

Photo of Chris Wait

Chris Wait

An engineer with a strong focus on user-experience, web and mobile development, and software development process. Chris has led engineering teams, worked on UX in public transport for people with visual impairments and hospital information systems, and built software for the US Department of Agriculture. Chris holds a Masters degree in Informatics from the University of Edinburgh, and has been a software developer for about 10 years now. When he’s not busy typing, he’s usually playing guitar or climbing.

Photo of Imogen Foulkes

Imogen Foulkes

Imogen is the designer at Passio. She uses her knowledge of an adaptable end-to-end design process to discover problems and create valuable solutions that improve the daily lives of disabled and disadvantaged people. She is motivated by the purposeful work at Passio and works closely with the users, stakeholders and internal team to ensure a co-design process is always championed. Previous to joining Passio full-time in early 2020, Imogen freelanced for Passio alongside other clients after gaining a degree in product design from the Glasgow School of Art. Imogen enjoys going out for walks (often embarrassing herself by laughing out loud to a podcast), cooking to relax and trying out new restaurants over the weekend.

Photo of Tara Wudhiphan

Tara Wudhiphan

Tara is a waitress turned software engineer with a background in cognitive science, game-based learning and Human-Computer Interaction. She is most at home bringing to life accessible, user-friendly frontend designs, but also has experience with backend development. Tara graduated with a BSc in Cognitive Science from the University of Edinburgh, where she discovered a love for all things linguistics. She uses this in her never-ending quest to help Passio find its unique voice. Growing up, Tara lived in 5 different countries - Switzerland, France, Egypt, Spain and the UK. As a result, she has been able to speak French and Spanish since she was a child. Tara considers herself an amateur mixologist and professional flat-packer. She dreams of owning her own home for the sole purpose of being able to decorate and furnish it (bar cart included) without restrictions.