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Thistle assistance – an a communication app for public transport

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The South East of Scotland Transport Partnership has recently been conducting a refresh and rebrand of its Thistle Assistance program, and Passio was excited to be a part of it.

If you’re not familiar with Thistle it’s a system to efficiently, conveniently and discreetly communicate to transport staff the needs of an individual using public transportation. It helps create a common language between traveller and staff so a variety of accessibility needs can be met as quickly and painlessly as possible. It is primarily an information card the traveller can personalise with their own accessibility needs and be instantly recognisable to staff when shown.

Paper version of thistle assistance card

Along with the physical card SEStran wanted an accompanying digital version that could improve the accessibility of the paper version as it could be used by screen readers and reduce the risk of being lost. This was where Passio came in – we were tasked with creating an accessible digital version of the card.

The first version of this has just recently gone live in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store – check it out! We would love to get your feedback.

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